Wednesday, May 14, 2003

"Three posts in one day??? He must be MAD!!!"

Why yes. Yes i am.

Or at least that's the consensus view.

When you are told by the people you care about that they think you need counselling and possibly anti-depressants, is that a sign that your "funk" is more than a passing phase? I'm beginning to think so.

Don't worry about me, my straightjacket fits nicely.

Just kidding. Seriously, don't worry about me.

Manders, I think you and I both are on the same hormonal train. Except for me it happens almost yearly.

But yeah. Crazy depression. Sleeping twelve hours a day, never motivated to do anything or change anything. Wake up every morning/afternoon with a frustrated groan, and collapse every night into fitful, dream-filled sleep.

Maybe I really am a writer. I just haven't been writing enough.

But things are changing for me. I'm getting out of this phase, slowly. What I need really is to find my place in it all. Because right now, i'm just a "wayfaring stranger" as the hymn goes.

(I really like that hymn, actually. First heard it my freshman year at OBU, when the Honors 101 class was reading "Cold Mountain" by Stephen Frazier [i think]. If you're interested, here are the lyrics.)

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