Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Music, Movies, Theater, and World Events...

a.k.a. "What's going on outside of my life?"


Have you heard the new single from Evanescence, "Everybody's Fool"? It's rad. I listened to their disc again recently. Good stuff, really. Even though my favorite element of the band is the now absent pianist David Hodges (who got a name-drop in the latest issue of Relevant Magazine, well done him).

Also new (at least for me) on the music scene: I picked up some used CD's at the CD Warehouse in Shawnee. Revolver by the Beatles (why didn't I have it already? i don't know--temporary insanity, i suppose), Ben Folds Live (I love it, but heavy profanity, so watch out, kids), Rock Spectacle by Barenaked Ladies (this is me in...grade nine?) and the first Black Eyed Sceva album (mid-90's alternative Christian music ROCKS!!!!). All good, which makes me happy. Also rediscovered the band PFR recently as well. If you have an old PFR disc, go listen to it again. They were really great. Are really great, because they got back together this year. So yes. Go, listen, enjoy.


Recent viewings: Identity (wowsa...all i can say... in my top five "Movies with Killer Endings"... you think you know what it's about, from the commercial? Believe me, you have NO idea.); A Mighty Wind (my new second favorite Christopher Guest movie, besides Guffman; and of all things, there's a really great poignant moment at the end); and of course, X2 (there's nothing I can say that will do this movie justice... Brian Singer is my hero... him and Alan Cummings, who nearly wooed me away from the Wolvie fan club... I have all new respect for Nightcrawler).

All three great films. Go see them. ("Identity" has massive language and violence [it's a murder mystery, what do you expect]; "Wind" has some language, and a few veiled sexual references; and "X2" has all the mutant violence you have come to expect, know... Rebecca Romijn-Stamos in blue paint...if that's a problem for you.)

And the real movie news: Matrix Reloaded opens tomorrow!!! I'm so psyched for this. Now, if you just can't wait to find out what happens, Time Magazine's cover story this week is about the making of the film and includes a basic synopsis of the new chapter. I briefly skimmed it (I just want to get a bare bones idea of what's gonna happen) and I was dumbfounded. Leave it to the Wachowski brothers to totally screw with your head. Oh, yeah. Buckle up, folks.


Briefly. Congratulations and many thanks to the cast and crew of OBU's production of The Adding Machine, for putting on the bravest and stylistically most complex show I've ever seen there. Well done, one and all. I'm dying to hear how the Dorland Awards turned out. It's almost three thirty this afternoon, so I'm guessing you all are just now waking from last night's revelry. Fill me in on the results, okay?


What is there to say? SARS is still scaring the masses in SE Asia. Al-Qaeda (they think) bombed the Saudi Arabian capitol of Riyadh, and opponents of President Bush are using it to argue that he is doing nothing about the war on terrorism. There are what, seventeen, eighteen Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination? Who can keep them straight anymore? Speaking of Moore, I think Michael Moore is the "big fat idiot", but then again, i'm just the raving conservative.

I'm tired of dealing with stupid people. Not ignorant people or uneducated people. Stupid people, who have no excuse for saying and doing stupid, senseless things.

Okay that's all.

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