Thursday, May 22, 2003

Weekly Update, I guess

It's taken me a week to get back to the computer at the library. So here's a quick round up.

Last Thursday: Went to the Doudt's Bible Study and got to see several of my loyal Tenth grade readers. I enjoyed visiting with y'all very very much. I hope I didn't bore you to death with the impromptu sermon.

Friday: work.

Saturday: work.

Sunday: Church, then i saw The Matrix: Reloaded twice, once with my dad and again with Brent and Mike. More on that later.

Monday: Job hunting and general goofing off.

Tuesday: More job hunting, more goofing off, plus the season finale of "24".

Wednesday: Even more job hunting, and still more goofing off.

Thursday: My sister Olivia graduated from pre-school, with all the pomp and circumstance that entails. Cute. I suppose.

And now I'm here.

Feels like you lived that week right along with me, doesn't it...

Now onto other things:

The Matrix: Reloaded: All I can say is, wow. It was phenomenal. But the thing is, the first time I saw it, I didn't really think so. I mean, I thought it was cool, the fight scenes were rad, but I was trying so hard to keep up with the plot that I got tired. Plus there were crying babies in the theatre, and women screaming profanities at the parents of the afore-mentioned babies. That kind of takes away from the experience. (That's a whole 'nother rant, which I'll deliver later.) But the second time I saw the movie... Remember the second time you saw the first one? How much more you got, the little puns and jokes you picked up on? How much cooler it was? Same thing here. My advice, then, is, if you are a fan of the first chapter, but weren't really that impressed with the second, go see it again as soon as possible. I guarentee you will love it all the more. If not, email me and yell at me a while. S'okay. But anyway. Loved the flick. Can't wait for the last one.

(Content note: Yeah, there's a five or six minute sequence in which it flips back and forth from a dance party bump-and-grind-a-thon in Zion with some semi-transparent clothing, to Neo and Trinity doing their thing sans clothing. While the directors thought it vital to contrast the humanity of these people to the cold efficiency of the machines, just take my word for it and go get some popcorn. Or some air. Or go to the restroom. All you need to get from the scene is Neo is afraid of losing Trinity. That's pretty much it. And so, the nasty. I don't know.)

As for discussing the startling revelations of the movie, I'll save that for a while, for those of you QUASI-fans who haven't seen the movie yet. Hate to spoil it for ya. But yes, we WILL discuss later.

Now on to my mini-rant: What the HECK is wrong with people? There were people bringing in babies and toddlers to see this R-rated movie. And this is not the first time. Almost every R-rated movie I've ever seen in the theatre where there's more than a half-dozen people there, there is always at least one person bringing along a child pre-teen or younger. What are people thinking? That the whole "rating system" thing is just something stupid that the government is doing to annoy them? (Like Speed limits?) The ratings are there for a reason. But no one cares. No one heeds. I anticipate that the audience for Terminator 3 will be evenly split between viewers above and below the age of fourteen. And I just shake my head.

In other news, I have free passes for an advance screening of "The Italian Job." Anybody want one? Speak up, I can't hear you. Oh well.

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