Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One More Linky-Love

One more for the road.
  • Want a free membership to the NRA?
  • Sheep + LED lights = Living Art
  • It's almost Easter--time for PEEPS!
  • Rhys Ifans may be joining the cast for the final Harry Potter film. I wonder if he'll have any scenes involving suspect yogurt. (That's a Notting Hill reference, philistine.)
  • "When they came for my dish detergent, I said nothing..." (Alternate line: "When Cascade is outlawed, only outlaws will use Cascade.")
  • Today, teleprompter. Tomorrow, Skynet. Just you watch.
  • A fun video for both Twitterers and anti-Twitterers. (Of course, if you twitter and follow me, you'll have already seen this.)
  • Related: The lovely Ingrid Michaelson's impromptu song about Twitter.
  • Jason Segel is working on the newest Muppet movie script, but he already has his critics.
  • An AIG exec quit a week ago. His resignation letter is here. Good for him.
  • My favorite version of the classic silent film "Metropolis" is on DVD? Awesome.
  • Random BSG links: Finale review from Time, TV Guide recap, Ron Moore answers questions, Adama discusses the "Plan"-ned TV movie, cool behind-the-scenes interview with Starbuck, and Ellen Tigh comments pre-finale.
  • Lex Luthor wants a bailout. (Funny, but with bleeped language.)
  • Best sandwiches in America? We'll just have to verify this...
  • For the gamers: Top 25 video game spoilers.
  • Neat! New source for indie Christian music--IndieHeaven.
  • Abandoned blog post idea: to copy this article, and change all the references to refer to Guantanemo Bay, just to see what the reaction was gonna be.
  • I'm celebrating "Record Store Day!" Who's with me? (Conveniently, "Vinyl Edge Records" is just around the corner from me!)
  • Neat article on indie filmmaking in a rough economy.
  • Here's an article about "Starbucks spirituality"--reaching out to people in the real world.
  • Five reasons to study theology.
  • Am I a Christian hipster? From the looks of it...probably not. Aside from our mutual feelings on Pat Robertson, TBN, and christian kitsch, the hipsters and I seem to part ways on more than a few things. The definition of hipster here seems heavily Emergent-based, and I'm not down with those kids doctrinally. What can I say, i'm old. Put Christian-hipsterism on the "Murtaugh" list for me.
  • I kinda love this site. Even more than Lark News. Especially for articles like this.
  • Here's a great word about the current economic climate from Pastor Mark. (Related to this, I heard someone on the radio Sunday night say that this economic downturn could be a great blessing for the Western church because it will help us reorient and recalibrate our understanding of prosperity, giving, and contentedness. I couldn't agree more.)
  • A really touching article about the tension of holding to a Biblical view of homosexuality while struggling with those desires. Sexual temptation is a sin-nature problem, no matter its form or kind. I believe there are Christians who really struggle with same-sex attraction as part of their old-nature wiring, and it's our job as the children of God to provide love and support to our brothers and sisters in this struggle.
  • Great article on Bible reading plans for slackers. That's me. It's prolly you too. I'm starting this today.


Dave said...

One more: too funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0TPodgomLs

LeLe said...

I'm definitely a slacker so I'm checking out that last link.