Thursday, March 19, 2009

End-of-Week Entertainment

I'll be gone tomorrow, so here's something fun for you to do.

An imagination exercise:

1) Take a poor man's Michael Rappaport.

2) Make him a conservative/libertarian.

3) Make him insane.

4) Make him alarmingly angry and prone to fits of screaming.

The result? You should have something like this guy.

Every video of his I watch, I find myself agreeing to some degree, and still be terribly frightened.

Happy weekend, gang.

1 comment:

Trav said...

Yeah, dude needs to switch to decaf. He's gonna give himself an aneurysm or something.

But if you turn your volume down a bit, and hit "pause" on the player several times, he is a lot more understandable.

His message isn't anything new, but I like his delivery.