Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Odd Realization of the Day

From a conversation I had yesterday:

"The Dark Knight" and "Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog" are products from vastly different areas of pop culture, and yet both provide commentary on the nature of evil.

"The Dark Knight" deals with choosing to stand against the chaos and darkness of the world, and the risk each "good" person runs of succumbing to the very evil they are trying to destroy.

"Dr. Horrible" learns that if you pursue "evil," even without realizing its ramifications, you will achieve it, often at the expense of people you care about. And ultimately, he realizes that evil sucks.

Yes, I know these are surface comments, but i don't want to get into more detail and spoil things.

I just think it's interesting that our secular culture still seeks to understand what evil is, and still presents it as something destructive. All the more reason why those who know the Truth need to speak up. Because people are looking for answers.

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