Monday, May 05, 2008

"Well...see.. the thing is... I *am* the PBB Cool Ten."

10. 18-13. Started off strong, but we're having trouble with the Cards and Brewers. And we kinda need to beat them.
9. Know what's fun? Suddenly pulling out scissors and snipping off locks of your hair in front of your shocked Bible study class, as an object lesson. The look on their faces was priceless.
8. Of course, the previous item was a set-up. I'd had enough of the shaggy look, so after church (and my autotonsorial experiment), I got a haircut. The 'do is now back to short-cropped. My head feels so much lighter!
7. I've discovered that I really like Buffalo Wild Wings. My favorite sauces are the Honey BBQ and the Asian Zing.
6. The Penguins are in the Eastern Conference Finals. Go Pens!
5. This is a great story from the world of college sports, and makes a great statement about the importance of sportsmanship superceding the need to win.
4. The new "Dark Knight" trailer is out. Wooohooo! No slight to Iron Man, but TDK will be the movie of the summer.
3. Blowing 25 bucks at Mountasia with Mike (including 60 tokens on Time Crisis).
2. Iron Man was friggin great. Expect a full PBB review tomorrow.
1. Neil Diamond's newest album comes out this Tuesday. I'm listening to it on AOL, and as I listened to his song, "Pretty Amazing Grace," I had to ask myself--has Neil Diamond actually become a "believer"? Take a listen yourself, and see if you pick up on it too:

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