Monday, May 19, 2008

PBB Cool Ten (5/18-5/24) [Updated--Mea Culpa!]

10. 27-17. Do you feel that, in the air? Destiny.
9. I'm going to see the Cubbies play the Astros tomorrow night! If you can see the game on TV, keep an eye out for the center field front-row seats. Me and my dad will be sitting right behind the Astros bullpen, trying to get in the ear of their relievers. Hey, anything to help my boys.
9b. I'm also going to the ballgame on Saturday to see if the Astros can outlast the Phillies. I love me some baseball!
8. They want to remake "Red Dawn"?!? Noooooooooooo!
7. My podcast subscriptions, currently: The Village Church, Mars Hill (Seattle), Starkville's House of El (Smallville podcast), The Boundless Show, The Dave Ramsey Show, the official "Lost" podcast, and four ESPN podcasts (Around the Horn, Mike and Mike, Baseball Today, and Fantasy Baseball Focus). I have 18 hours of unheard content I'm trying to burn through. Yes, I'm a dork.
6. NEWSFLASH: "Lost" is freaking awesome, and I can't wait until next week's 2-hour season finale.
5. PBB upcoming content: Reviews of "Iron Man" and "Prince Caspian" (no, really), the concert review (with pictures), and rants about "Smallville" and stupid kids. Yeah, fun stuff.
4. I'm reading an amazing book called "The Case for Democracy." It's written by a former Soviet dissident, Natan Sharansky, who was jailed for 14 years near the end of the Soviet Empire. In the book (written a few years ago), Sharansky argues that free societies have a moral imperative to promote democracy and freedom in oppressive societies. This is a book that helped to shape and solidify the "Bush Doctrine" of opposing totalitarian states and promoting democracy abroad. And it's an amazing, compelling treatise. Even if you don't agree with the current administration, I'd highly recommend reading this book and consider the argument being proposed.
3. What was I thinking, leaving this off--the Penguins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!!! I hope Dallas pulls off the come-from-behind series victory, because Detroit scares me a little. (On the other hand, if Detroit can blow a 3-0 lead like this, maybe they would be the better opponent.) I can't believe I forgot about this--shows my brain's fried from the weekend. (Thanks to Will for the memory jog.)
2. "Prince Caspian" was an amazing film. Go see it, but don't take young siblings (like I did). PC is more like "Lord of the Rings" than the first Narnia film. LOTS of battle scenes. It was pretty awesome.
2b. The Telmarines are Spaniards?!? I totally didn't get that. Wow. Well, hey, it works.
1. Had a great time on Friday night with the sisters. We saw a big rock show with five acts. Once I upload my pictures, I'll give you the full round-up.

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