Wednesday, May 07, 2008

(Non-contagious) Wednesday Linky Love

Since I'm ill, and taking many pills, I'm not in the right headspace to write up a proper "Iron Man" review (so that will come tomorrow or at the latest Friday). So, I'll instead provide this, a list of links collected over the last few weeks. Some may be old news to you, but bear with me.

[Disclaimer: I've forgotten where I've gotten most of these, so if you feel I've link-robbed you without proper attribution, please let me know in the comments and I'll correct the error.]
  • Uwe Boll, possibly the worst director actively making films in Hollywood, has promised to hang up his directorial spurs forever, if one million people ask him to. So ask, already. And tell you friends.
  • The Improv Everywhere team turn an average Little League game into the Greatest. Game. Ever. Just imagine being one of those kids and seeing... well, just check it out.
  • Being a church worship leader is a dangerous gig. (I dare you not to laugh.)
  • I'm a terribly cluttered person. Good thing there's the interweb.
  • You may be aware, but author Michael Chabon submitted a script for "Spiderman 2." If you're interested, the first scene or two is here. (Sadly, the rest has been removed.)
  • Did you know that Barack Obama is a Jedi Master? Amazing.
  • TV producer/writer guy Chuck Lorre always puts this 500-word tag at the end of his credits. Some that I've been able to pause on tape and read are really funny. Well, turns out, he puts them online. Some won't make sense outside of the show's context, but he's still clever Dan.
  • Here's an interesting blog post about how TV shows like "Friends" have helped pornography seem like a more normal part of everyday life. Makes you wonder what other messages your favorite shows are sending to you.
  • Prodigal Jon posted these hilarious, cute videos. Sometimes it helps to remember the simple things.
  • Here's a Poetry FAQ by Robert Pinsky, a modern poet I kinda dig.
  • Did you know that Charles Durning was a veteran of WWII, and stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day? I didn't know that.
  • While you're waiting for my "Iron Man" review, here's an interview with the film's star.
  • Speaking of interviews, here's 20 questions with the legendary Bruce Campbell.
  • Can you find all 34 (35?) secret items on the LostScape? (Caution: LOUD.)
  • Here's an amazing story of forgiveness involving a theft of church property, and the church body's attempt to connect with the culprit.
  • If you haven't gotten your "cry" on yet today, here's a blog about a father, his baby, and the empty space left by the death of her mommy.
  • Whew. Need to change the tone. How about...silly dancing?
  • Last political thing: "Stuck with Jeremiah in the Pastor's Pews Again"
  • In case you were curious: the etymology of having to "pee like a racehorse."
  • Timewaster of the Day: a simple, but addictive game called "Spin the Black Circle."
  • How do you know if you're a hipster? Take a gander at this list.
  • One of my new favorite Youtube users is a girl named Julia Nunes who plays ukelele and posts not only her original stuff (which is pretty good), but also great covers. I like her voice and style; see what you think. My current favorite is her cover of Ben Folds' "Gone."
Enjoy, and I'll catch you kids later.

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