Monday, May 12, 2008

PBB Cool Ten (5/11-5/17)

10. 22-15. That's right, we just swept the D-backs. Would've been nice if we could do that last October. Oh well, past is past, and we look forward to the future. This is the year, Cubs fans. Write it down in ink.
9. I'm feeling better than I have been lately, but I'm not back to health yet. Still sneezy and snotty and wheezy (and all those other Disney-dwarf sounding names).
8. So have you seen "Iron Man" yet? Because you really oughta. I know, I know, I promised a review. How about tomorrow?
7. Speaking of comic book movies, the comic adaptation "The Spirit" looks intriguing. It could go south pretty easily, but for all of the problems in Frank Miller's "Sin City," one thing you can't knock is the compelling visuals, and that's something that this new film has going for it.
6. Okay, Trevor, prepare to claim victory, because you've won me over--Battlestar Galactica is pretty sweet. I'm now waiting for Disc 3 of Season 1 to arrive, as Starbuck has taken damage in a firefight and is careening toward terra firma.
5. Sometimes I'll read the website "Stuff White People Like" and chuckle as I recognize the idiosyncracies of myself or others. There are other days, however, when I fight the urge to defend myself (like so many hot-tempered commenters do on a regular basis). Taking pot-shots at bottled-water drinkers or people who want their kids to speak multiple languages is one thing; but no one--and I mean no one--messes with grammar. That's not cool, man. (Just kidding; that blog post is actually brilliant. And yes, if you ask nicely, I will proofread your paper.)
4. On this week's seventh-season finale of "Smallville": Lex Luthor will use the crystal sphere artifact that he found in the stone [from the Scottish castle] above his mantlepiece (using the pendant removed from the nineteenth-century French clock in the cathedral in Montreal) to discover the location of the Fortress of Solitude. Once he arrives, he will discover that Clark is in fact "the Traveller" who has been sought after and protected by his father and the other members of the Veritas Group (though Robert Teague's attempt at making Clark a ritual sacrifice certainly calls his motivations if not sanity into question!), and a showdown of some sort between Lex and Clark will take place. Reports are that this is Lex Luthor's (Michael Rosenbaum's) last episode as a series regular, so my guess would be that Jor-El intervenes and memory-wipes Lex, so that he won't remember Clark's true nature, and the canonical conflict of Lex versus Superman can be preserved with any sense of rational justification. Also, Brainiac's plan for world domination will be revealed, as Clark discovers (SPOILER) the Kara that returned with him from their travels back in time to prevent Clark's premature death on Krypton is NOT actually Kara, but was Brainiac in disguise! ("WHAT?!?" "I KNOW!") FURTHERMORE, Lana wakes up from the coma induced by Brainiac, and rumor has it that she will only be in a few episodes next season. Perhaps this incident will convince her that staying in a relationship with Clark will only bring her pain and possibly an uglier demise than she has experienced (MULTIPLE TIMES) up to this point? AND FINALLY, word is that Allison Mack (SVille's Chloe Sullivan) is having a hard time negotiating a contract with The Powers That Be, so there's a serious possibility that Chloe could end up comatose or "dead" by the time the finale is over, and whether or not she wakes up is fully dependent on if TPTB can offer AM a number she can accept. So much tumult! So much drama! [I know you're just as excited about this as I am. Heh.]
3. You know what's cool--geeking out about stuff. That's cool.
2. Plans for the weekend: Taking my sisters to a rock show, celebrating a friend's birthday, and possibly seeing Prince Caspian. Full weekend.
1. Yesterday was Mothers Day. Hope you did something nice for your mama, or for the special mamas in your life.

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