Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Fourth Annual (Inter)National "Embrace the Lame" Day!!! (UPDATED with a few more items, and the HALL OF LAME!)

Hey there, ETL friends and comrades! This is the fourth year of ETL, and I have to say that I'm happy to be back. From what I can tell, many of you are excited about the Internet's premiere fake holiday (take THAT, ninjas and pirates!).

If you're new to PBB and ETL Day, I'd point you back to my original ETL post from 2005.

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I'd also like to remind you that the official greeting of ETL Day is "Lame on!" So make sure to use it liberally in all written and verbal communication today.

My 2008 Embrace the Lame List:

1) Two words: Neil Diamond. I have succumbed to the cult of Neil, and now that I've heard his songs, I'm a believer. I watched "The Jazz Singer" with my dad a month or so ago, and then started listening to the rest of Diamond's catalogue. I'm impressed, man. I'll never mock the man again. Well, try not to, anyway.

1b) I heard on the radio on Thursday that Neil will be coming to town on my birthday, and for a second I thought, "Oooooh." Then I realized I was getting excited about seeing Neil Diamond on my birthday. It was too much, too soon, so I changed the channel and tried to forget about it.

2) I think I'm developing a reputation on one of the "Smallville" fan-forums as being a perpetual naysayer. Hey, I can't help it if I take the show very seriously and am often critical of its lapses of character motivation. Okay, maybe I *can* help it--but I won't. I demand quality from a show I've invested several years in--even if the show is technically considered a prime-time soap opera these days.

2b) By the way, did anyone see the episode "Descent" two weeks ago? Wasn't it AWESOME?

3) Speaking of television, I got into watching "One Tree Hill" again this year, but I lost track of it when they switched nights. I'm going to have to netflix the last 8 or so episodes when it finally hits DVD.

4) Speaking of netflix, my current titles: The Monkees, Season 1 and Battlestar Galactica, Season 1. It's official-- Dave=nerd.

5) Okay, I admit it: I got really into having longish hair. Thus, the embarrassing multi-photo post. What can I say--I like my hair, really, it is pleasant to the touch. I toss my hair a bit too much. It doesn't move, it simply sits, I make a part... Anyways, moving on. (And I'm chopping it off next weekend, because it occurred to me that I live in freaking Houston, and it gets hot here. Go fig.)

6) Have I mentioned I'm into musical theater? Have I mentioned that I have SWEENEY TODD TICKETS for June?!? Woohoo!

7) Not only do I still use "righteous" and "rad" liberally in conversation, I find I've added "boss" to my vernacular. (Thank you, Juno McGuff.) And I think my new "it" word is going to be "awesmo." No reason, I've simply decided this.

8) I dance. A lot. In public. Nothing flashy or flamboyant. Just a little jiggle and jive, a twist and shimmy here and there. The thing is, when it comes to that stuff, I don't get embarrassed. But my sister does. Which is hilarious.

9) I'll catch myself using funny voices for no reason--even when I'm alone. I may have mental problems. But it's like the schizophrenic poem says: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I'm not crazy, and neither am I.

10) I love love love lame jokes. Bad puns. They make my day. This comes from the genes on my dad's side of the family.

11) I laugh loudly. Not as loudly as some folks I know, but pretty close. And my laugh is also a little higher pitched than I'm really comfortable with, but so it goes.

12) Although I've worked hard to be taken seriously at work, I still find myself trying to be comic relief during the stressful periods. This includes walking in front of a coworker's open door and then freezing in place until he/she notices. Usually my pose takes on an exaggerated runner's stance. Other times, I'll walk up, and without a word or a smile, start dancing in the doorway, then turn and walk away. Keeps things light around here.

13) I'm pretty into my "MLB '06: The Show" video game (that's right, I still rock the PS2). And when Derrek Lee or ARam cranks a homer into the left-field bleachers, I throw both of my fists in the air and celebrate the moment, with maybe a little trash talk thrown in. When I'm at home by myself. [Remembered thanks to Will]

14) One more video game lameness: The only proper way to play Guitar Hero is to be standing up in your living room, with plenty of space cleared. The guitar is slung low, and you're assuming a classic "power stance." Feel free to make lots of rock star guitarist faces as you shred, and feel free to walk around a bit, and get into the moment.

Not that there's anything wrong with rocking out.

And One more Scrubs video from that same episode, because it's awesmo:

That's all I've got for now. I'll add more later, but some of us have to work around here.

If you're participating in ETL, drop me a note in the comments, so I can add you to the 2008 Hall of Lame. And don't forget to advertise this on your own blogs, so your friends can join in the fun too!



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