Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Say how's the weather..."

The rain's finally clearing out for a few days, which is a relief, because I've been battling with a pretty ragged sore throat because of it. I'm one of those weather-allergy sufferers. But today's forecast is sunny and sixty. Nice.

Really, I just wish Houston would pick a season and stick with it. I like winter, we can keep it around some more, but I would like the climate to quit messing around and put some extra effort in so we could get a snow flurry or two. Either that or keep it like today. Clear skies and a bit of a cool breeze.


Got to watch the NHL All-Star game at Will and Kim's place last night. Very entertaining. Broadcast highlights included the high score, Marty Turco's real-time commentary, and Shakey the Epileptic Lion. No, I don't expect the rest of you to understand any of that. But I laugh to myself.


The online site for Christianity Today magazine has a nice "Singles" section I check out every week. Usually there's some really great content there. A few weeks ago, there was an article about "singleness' seven-year-itch" that had some really perceptive questions. I wrote the questions down, and will probably turn them into a post in the near future.

Then again, when I pulled it up today, the lead article headline was, "Rover Rocks: 8 singles share how their pets enrich their life." And so I banged my head on the keyboard.


I decided not to send in the "Biggest Loser" audition video. Not because I'm afraid or I don't want to try anymore. I think I just realized that staying put would be good for me at this point. It was important for me to go out there and give it a shot. Now I see that if I can stand out in the cold and wet for seven hours, I can go to the gym every day. I can do what it takes to make these changes.

So, I'm just going to do it on my own, and I'll keep posting on my super-non-secret diet blog about my progress.

I will need to pony up the cash for a trainer, though. I admit it; I'm a lazy bum.


I've been tempted lately to talk about some controversial issues, or politics, or something of that nature, just to provoke some conversation in the comments. I miss hearing from a lot of you, who've gone from frequent commenter to "lurker" status.

But I'm sorry to admit that, on many issues, I have not kept myself very informed as of late. Part of my whole "rejection of American political hijinks" trend. I will probably post something naive and easily repudiated about Bush and war and abortion and all sorts of hot-button things in the near-to-middlin' future. But I'm a little afraid to. I'm out of practice, and I fear I'm just not up to the rhetorical task.

If you miss my political rantings and ravings, check out the early 2003 archives for some pre-war blather, or the late 2004 archives for some pre-electoral blather.

Has it been that long? Ugh.

Well, back to work. Catch you cats on the flip.

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