Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Apply directly to the forehead.
  • "Um, Sarge? We're gonna need a bigger humvee."
  • Libertarian political indoctrination? Maybe, but at least it's kinda fun. Here are some games that challenge the mind and develop a better understanding of socioeconomic principles. Think of this as a Paleo-con video arcade.
  • For my word-geeks: Enjoy.
  • For my lit-geeks: List! [h-t: Kins]
  • New Modest Mouse song? If you insist. [h-t: Pop Candy]
  • Simpsons as anime characters? Sure. [h-t: PC]
  • If I'm really going to have to pick sides, I'm going with John, because Jeremy seems like an arrogant jerk. Not because of this--just in general. Jeremy, "you must...chill!"
  • I don't remember Elora, but I love that she wrote an article about the incredible Dr. Carolyn Cole and her philosophy of art saving lives. I love Dr. Cole.
  • Dave Barry loves the show "24." Since Season 6 kicks off THIS SUNDAY, I think it'd be wise to keep Barry's page bookmarked as a show companion. Or just for some chuckles. I hear he's a funny guy.
  • Speaking of televisions shows starting up again in the next few days: HOO-AH!
  • Best Site I've Seen In A While: Book of Ratings. Hilarious. Definitely worth your time. [h-t: Kins]

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