Monday, May 22, 2006

The PBB Cool Ten (5/21-5/27)

10. 18-25. The only good to come out of this week is that we weren't swept by the ChiSox. Yes, winning one game out of the 3-game series is the ONLY good thing that I can think of.
9. New albums on the AOL page this week: the 2-disc set of previously unreleased Johnny Cash songs (!!!), as well as new releases by Less than Jake, the Ditty Bops, Alexi Murdock, Def Leppard, Angels and Airwaves, Americal Idol (gag), and the Dixie Chicks (double gag).
8. A humorously re-edited "trailer" for Charlton Heston's "Ten Commandments"--Vaguely wrong? Quite. Funny? Oh heck yeah. (NOTICE: Includes one use of the "eff-bomb," so be advised.)
7. Q: What's cooler than being cool? (A: Ice-cold.)
6. My mom bought me a bunch of groceries yesterday. That's pretty dang cool.
5. Pride and Prejudice is actually a pretty good book (i'm halfway through). Recommended.
4. The finale of 24 is tonight! Go Jack go!
3. Already have my tickets to see X-3 at 11:59 Thursday night!!!
2. I managed not to get the crippling stomach virus that took out 60% of my family this weekend.
1. Next Monday is Memorial Day! Woohoo!

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