Friday, May 19, 2006

And now, back to dumb stuff...

My "favorites" list is overly full, which means only one thing:


  • Growing up in the church as I did (the Independant Fundamental Baptist and Southern Baptist varieties), this cracks my corn right up. Being no theological scholar, I had to look up what "semi-pelagian" means. What's funny is that, I recognized the sentiments without knowing what it was.
  • Ever wondered what it would be like if Martin Luther came back to life as a movie reviewer? No need to wonder anymore.
  • This post about Jesus the Investment Banker was an interesting read. I have to admit, I've slipped into this type of description before. Something to ponder. (h-t: BHT, i think.)
  • Manders clued me in on this: the Cookie "Monster" experiences an existential crisis.
  • If you haven't read Joe Carter's comparison of the church to tree bark, you should. Because it's good stuff.
  • It's summer, and that means it's time for really crappy blockbusters (Da Vinci what?). Here's a list of the ten worst blockbusters of all time. (WARNING: Strong Language.)
  • From the same site as above, so ignore the banner ads, please. But this is one of my favorite reviews of "United 93" so far. (Yes, I promise, mine is still coming.)
  • This is an interesting piece: If you don't like rap, does that mean you're secretly a racist? My answer: No, it just means you have taste. Oooh, buuuuurrrrrnnnn!!!
  • I've already confessed this to Jill (whose BIRTHDAY is today, so go show her love!), but I think it's time to confess it to y'all, too: I think Britney is more attractive with the baby weight, than she was without it. There, I've said it.
  • It really depresses me that there's a chance Carrot Top could actually kick my butt in a street fight. I mean, dang. Dude's got himself some guns now. And he'd fight dirty, too. You never can tell with those redheads.
  • Here's an article from IMonk about Generation Y (still hate that title) and how they may not put much stock in the "God-shaped hole" idea. Must-read for anyone in ministry.
  • Memo to Brother Pat: "Do us all a favor, and please SHUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTT UUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!" Best (worst?) quote of the day: "If I heard the Lord right..." So, since Robertson has now made the leap to claiming to receive special, specific revelation from God Himself about future events, does that mean that we have to organize a stoning party if he's wrong? Don't look at me like that. I'm just asking. You know, to be Biblically accurate and everything. Sheesh.
  • Congrats to Manders, who's found the most. addicting. internet game. ever.
  • Frank Turk dispenses some pretty harsh advice about blogging posts involving "where I'm at right now." Which leads me to believe that he may be a closet PBB reader. Come out of the shadows and join us, Frank. It's okay. We're all friends here. (h-t: pyro.)

Have a good weekend, gang.

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