Monday, June 27, 2005

*snip* What I meant to say was...

Good to be back, I think.

You know when you read something online on a weblog, and you think, "what a steaming load of self-pitying ass that is!" And then you realize it's your own page? Yeah. Never happens to me, either.

Thank you Kelly, Manders, Josh, Trav, and Steph, for your comments in my absence.

PBB Cool Ten: Vacation Edition (6/19-7/2)

10. 38-36. Hit a bit of a cold streak (including a sweep by the Yanks), but just took two out of three from the best team in baseball. As long as we stay over .500, I'm okay for now.
9. Got to see the Triumph best-of video, finally. It was great--for me to poop on!!!
8. "So come pick me up, I've landed..."
7. Chapter 9 of Taylor House is done...ish.
6. Gilead--read it. Read it now. Right now.
5. Batman Begins--my favorite summer movie, thusfar. (Yes, even more than Ep. 3.)
4. Hanging with the Joules was most righteous. I missed them mucho. (Jerry has an almost-mullet now, it's very impressive.)
3. I teach SunSco in two weeks. I'm not sure if this is the real transition, but it's definitely gearing up for it.
2. The Chronicles of Narnia is rocking my face clean off.
1. Philippians, and getting some perspective.


Vacation Highlights, bulletized:

  • Chilling with the Joules. Their dog is still scared of me, for no good reason. We went to South Padre Island, and I think I'm still sandy. But it was great. And I got a fun hat. My new party hat. Good times.
  • Watched Triumph and Rock Star with Jerry and Cass, as well as part of a Shakira concert. They're big Shakira fans. And now, so am I. (She sings good too.)
  • Putt-putt with my best friend from high school. I lost, as usual. I'm not what you'd call a finesse golfer. I'm more of a "whack it pretty hard and let it bounce around and see what happens" golfer.
  • Chilling with the Cain a couple of times. One of which included blowing eight bucks in quarters on the Simpsons arcade game, which we almost beat (Burns was almost destroyed--we were so close!). Oddly enough, my character of choice--Lisa. Partly because the joystick for Bart was stuck, and wouldn't work right.
  • Video View: the original Vincent Price version of "House on Haunted Hill" (meh); "The Time Machine" with Guy Pearse (could have been SO much better if they just took the time to explain and explore more of the ideas; totally rushed movie); and "Annie Hall" (honestly, I don't see what the big deal is; my opinion of Woody Allen movies [aside from "Everyone Says I Love You"] remains unchanged: "Meh.").
  • Batman Begins (twice). Oh yeah. Good flick.
  • The touring Cooperstown exhibit "Baseball as America," currently at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. In a word, righteous. Totally awesome. Shoeless Joe Jackson's Shoes! The Bat from "The Natural"! Harry Carey's glasses! So many awesome artifacts from America's pastime. Worth every minute.
  • Galveston on Friday, for two hours of walking around and people-watching. Very enjoyable and relaxing. It's nice living less than an hour from the island.
  • Finished "The Friendly Dickens," "The Horse and His Boy," and "Prince Caspian." Began "Gilead." About to begin "Voyage of the Dawn Treader."

That's all I can think of now. I'm sure you're oh so fascinated.


So that's it. Maybe I'll post later today. Maybe not. Right now I'm going to enjoy my pretzels and read "Gilead," because it's freakin amazing.

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