Monday, June 06, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (6/5-6/11)

10. 30-25, punks. Winners of 9 out of their last 10. Only 5.5 games behind the friggin' Cardinals. Leading the National League in home runs, total bases, and slugging percentage. So I have this to say to the doubters:

Moises A-Who?
Sammy So-What?

9. The Longest Yard was funnier than expected. It was also as crass as expected.
8. Cinderella Man was outstanding. Can't recommend it enough.
7. I finished The Magician's Nephew, and now have a new appreciation for what was one of my least favorite books of the Chronicles. We'll see if The Horse and His Boy can redeem itself also.
6. Good times with The Italian. A note on this, later.
5. Good times with my dad, while my mom and sisters are out of town.
4. Did I mention the Cubs have been playing well? Because they are.
3. I may get a week of vacation at the end of the month. Maybe.
2. The wedding of Miss A and the Italian is this Saturday morning. Weddings are nice. Good to see two people who love each other pledge their unending fidelity. It's a beautiful thing.
1. Today is the 61st anniversary of D-Day, the opening salvo of Operation Overlord. On this day, the Allied forces gave Hitler's Third Reich a collective "Up Yours" by storming the beaches of Normandy and beginning the European campaign that ended the tyrant's reign. On this day, three thousand, three hundred ninety-three American soldiers gave up their lives for the sake of freeing people they'd never meet. This kind of self-sacrifice will and should be forever lifted up as the pinnacle of human courage and honor. More on this, later.

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