Monday, July 05, 2004

"Lemme explain--no, there is too much, lemme sum up..."


Okay, I had a really clever and link-filled list (a la Manders) of interesting news items. But Blogger is having some hardcore issues (item six, I think) so I lost the entire post.

So, a substitute list, without as many links. Look them up yourself. It builds character.

--Cubs swept the Sox. Rock on.
--Read Junkmail for Blankets. Really good stuff.
--Greetings to Esther and any other Canadian readers.
--Marlon Brando died. He was an American film icon. And a great Sky Masterson.
--Coach K is staying at Duke. Whoopity doo. Let's get on with our lives now.
--If I owe you an email, chill a little while longer, and you'll get one.
--This is really funny. (Props to Michele)
--Something else.

That's it. Paz.

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