Thursday, July 29, 2004

An Izzard-Inspired Photo Essay

DNC Delegates:  Oh, look, Edwards is doing the "big arms" thing!

Howard Dean: I want to do big arms too.

Al Sharpton: Yeah, me too!

Ted Kennedy: I'm having some trouble with the big arms thing.

Edwards: Look, we can't all do the big arms.  I'll do the big arms, and you can all look at me and go "wow, he's doing big arms".

THK: Teddy and I are having the same problem.

Barrack Obama: If they get to do big arms, I get to do REALLY big arms.

John Kerry: That's enough.  No one's going to do big arms but meI own "big arms."

UPDATE (1:46 p.m.) :

John Kerry:  Oh yeah, I so  own "big arms."

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