Monday, July 26, 2004

Another Sign that Society is Rotting Away

If I didn't see it for myself, I would never have believed it.

Yahoo! and Planned Parenthood are now selling "I Had an Abortion." tee-shirts.

I don't care where you stand on the issue, this is sickness.  It's one thing to allow or even offer abortion as an option for unwanted pregnancy.  It's another thing entirely to celebrate it, let alone to make money selling tee-shirts about it.

This is really troubling for me.  I shouldn't be surprised or shocked, but I can't help it.

(via Drudge)

UPDATE:  One of PBB's preferred readers tried to access the link, and was redirected to the main PPFA store page, where no such t-shirts exist.  So the question remains: was Drudge fooled?  Or did the PPFA webstore gurus pull the product off the e-shelves after Drudge's story?

--A bit of digging reveals that Google has the page cached (which means it did exist at one point).

--A Fairfield Weekly article discusses the shirt and sports a photo of a progressive young woman wearing one.

--This article from Northern Colorado also features a picture of the shirt.

Still digging.


--I tried to access the Fairfield Weekly article twice more.  Once, it didn't come up at all, and the other time, it came up--with the picture of the girl/t-shirt missing!   Finally figured out what it was: the Hartford Advocate ran the same story sans t-shirt pic.  I was confused for a second.  Here's another link to the Fairfield story, in case the first one isn't working.

--Cover story of the New Haven Advocate: with picture (for now, anyway).

--Soapboxinc also talks about the shirts being sold at a rally by the girl in the Fairfield pic, I believe.  Lucky for us, it has contact information so we can all run out and order one.

So we know that the shirts exist, and that they're being sold.  Still no explanation as to why they suddenly vanished from PPFA's online store.  You can see the advertisement by googling " 'I had an abortion' shirt", and pulling up the Cached version of the page. 

Strange happenings, friends.

I'll keep you posted.


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