Monday, March 22, 2004

The People's Republic of Googlism

Thanks to Emily for reminding me this brilliance was out there.

Googlism Results for "Dave Mitchell" (edited to fit your screen and to fit the time allotted)

dave mitchell is no stranger to the violence of the job (heh... collate this!)
dave mitchell is an excellent presenter (especially when presenting violence on the job)

dave mitchell is a principal of the systems consulting consortium (wait until they hear *that* at the reunion!)
dave mitchell is in rotterdam at the moment for talks (mainly asking for directions, since I have only vague ideas where Rotterdam is)

dave mitchell is a computer scientist whose research interests involve some of the key problems associated with many tasks in artificial (...what? intelligence? insemination? sweetener?)

dave mitchell is currently coaching the sir sandford fleming women's team and the peterborough city women's team
dave mitchell is still desperate to sign an experienced goalkeeper (oh, man, *am* I... cuz Lulu just had a baby, and Ramona was busted for cocaine possession... there goes the season... bugger.)

dave mitchell is now retired and works partially as a principal of the systems consulting consortium (man, that was a short career)

dave mitchell is a performer that is in demand by both gospel and clown groups all across the world (remember that guy? creepy...)
dave mitchell is a seasoned people ("oh yeah, dave mitchell, he's good people... seasoned people")

dave mitchell is a high school math teacher and is well known for using rap ("you better check your math, before you wreck your math")

dave mitchell is a professional magician and ventriloquist who specializes in school show entertainment (I am called "the Mysterious Dave-o")

dave mitchell is the spatial information officer with the australian koala foundation (apparently, "spatial information officer" is the official term for assistant copy machine operator; but they let me hold a koala all day long!)

dave mitchell is from south east district ("Fifth Ward, represent!")

dave mitchell is a graduate of english from the university of saskatchewan and a former summer student with csale (I graduated a year behind Delnor... thanks to the two of you that are laughing at that...)

dave mitchell is capable of and always gets the best out of him (I'm not sure what that means)
dave mitchell is a hotshot young broker at sagamore investment (damn right...I'll make junior partner in a year, tops)

dave mitchell is experimenting with a software package named pancho that may help with the problem (especially if the problem is getting wet when it rains. Expect "Pancho NT" to hit the shelves next spring.)

dave mitchell is a fourteen (and Bo Derek was just a "10")

dave mitchell is filling the graduate seat on senate (I wrote a bill to make cake the national currency... it didn't pass)
dave mitchell is (very existential, man)
dave mitchell is seeking council authorization and approval for the construction plans and specs and authorization to advertise for bid for the (..newly approved Federal Cake-baking Facility, to phase out the dollar as legal tender)

dave mitchell is pleased with the results to date (pleased as punch!)
dave mitchell is doing music for the danimatian donovan's travels (they want it to be nothing but sitar...i don't know why)

dave mitchell is in the thick of a rebuilding season (but only if i can get an experienced goalkeeper... why, Ramona, why???)

dave mitchell is an expert on recycling
dave mitchell is in the midst of the crowd
dave mitchell is the foreman there
dave mitchell is as follows (shouldn't this have been first?)

dave mitchell is the main character in the book it?s like this (and like that and like this, and uh...)

dave mitchell is included (*warm fuzzies*)

dave mitchell is married and also has children ("This is not my beautiful wife! How did I get here???")

dave mitchell is working on revising the concom's policy based on rick johnston's comments (stupid Rick, having to open his big mouth... "but I don't like cake..." jerk...)

dave mitchell is now the adc ("Assitant Director of Cake")

dave mitchell is #479 (Out of 500 total made. "I'm a limited edition!" Certificate of Authenticity included.)

dave mitchell is ontdekt en bij feyenoord is ondergebracht (oh, no, I was afraid my feyenoord was ondergebracht... crap, man!)

dave mitchell is refering to as "smith's conjecture" is not a conjecture (the nerve of that guy!)

dave mitchell is open between 8 (I couldn't decide when I wanted to close...)

dave mitchell is all over this thing (*this* is my favorite... right on, brother!)

dave mitchell is a great guy who seems very willing to work with others (unless he's performing violence on the job)


I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm the only one who will be amused by this. I don't care. I'm still funny.

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