Thursday, March 25, 2004

Meaningless Update of a General Flavor

In lieu of a side bar reference (since I'm not smart enough to figure out how to accomplish it), here you go:

Listening to:
She Must and Shall Go Free , Derek Webb--beautiful, just beautiful
Ben Folds Live , Ben Folds--profane but absolutely brilliant
O , Damien Rice--Julia was totally right; I adore this album

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind :Which just might introduce Jim to Oscar; could easily sneak into my top twenty-five of all time. Easily.
Say Anything (VHS) :Purchased at Target for five bucks a couple of weeks ago; has been viewed about 7-8 times so far. Still in VCR.
Spun :Awful. Don't bother. I was lured in by the cast (Schwartzman, Fugit, Leguizamo, Suvari, Brit Murphy). I want my four bucks back.
Kingdom Hospital :Okay, fine, it's not "The Kingdom." But Lars Von Trier is an executive producer, and it's still Steven freaking King. Totally warped but still very entertaining. Take that, you snobs.

The Visitation , Frank Peretti: Interesting read. Despite glaring stylistic problems, the story concept kept me hooked. Not too bad, overall.
Letters to Malcolm... , C.S. Lewis: Lewis was a genius. This is more great stuff, about the Church and prayer.

Shadows of Destiny, PS2: A great game concept, well-written story, interesting plot progression. More linear than you'd think (it's no Chrono Trigger), but I really like it.
Medal of Honor: Frontline, PS2: My lasting obsession. I will defeat you yet, Fascist hordes!!!

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