Monday, March 15, 2004

"I dig music... I'm on drugs!!!"

You wanna know what being feverish and taking old medicine in slightly-larger-than-prescribed doses makes you dream about?

Dream #1: I dreamt (I maintain that 'dreamt' is, in fact, a legitimate word--Webster's dictionary revisions be damned!) that I went to the doctor for my bronchitis-like upper repiratory disorder, and was found to have NSCLC, or non-small cell lung cancer. The prognosis not being good, I had a limited time left on earth. I was trying desparately to direct an independent film and complete it before I had to kick off, as a "letter to the world" sort of thing. But my film crew, actors, and extras were lazy and stupid people who wandered around like retarded sheep. I spent a lot of time and energy corralling various personages necessary to the making of my film, and trying to direct them toward useful activity. But in the end, because I wasted so much time with these ungrateful jerks, I never got the film made.

(Interpretation: Cancer or no, I don't have an eternity on this ol' earth. So I should start gathering my rosebuds, so to speak, and start writing the short stories and novels I'm always *talking* about writing.)

Dream #2: I encounter a strange family with a mother, father, and three grown children. These people are apparently involved in some sort of voodoo-based religion, but what strikes me funny is that one of the root words for their pagan incantations is "boo-yah", but it's pronounced BOO-yuh. And they're doing something...I don't know, whipping up curses or something, but they're talking gibberish to each other and the only recognizable part of it is Boo-yuh. Boo-yuh, boo-yuh, boo-yuh.

(Interpretation: One of the meds I'm taking is Codeine-based. I think we can safely place the responsibility for this bizarro dream on the "special cough syrup.")

***Author's Note***
I should set the record straight at this point. I do not approve of the use and abuse of illegal drugs, or legal prescription drugs acquired and/or used illegally. I don't do this, and you shouldn't either. The dru-- er, *medicines* that I have been using this weekend are meds that were prescribed to me in December, the last time I had a malady similar to this one. I was hoping to head the bugger off at the pass by taking the leftovers over the weekend, but it seems I will need some stronger stuff this time. Antibiotics, stuff like that. That's why I'm going to the doctor this afternoon. But I wanted to make it clear. I don't do drugs. Much... No, ever... Much.

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