Monday, November 03, 2003

Blanket statement

I want to make this an official policy of "Perfect Blue Buildings."

When I discuss movies, books, or other pieces of art, I am loath to put moral constrictions on what I judge "good" or "bad." Based on solely aesthetic and intellectual value, most Christian literature and film is crap, while several interesting, provocative, and extremely secular works are the most engaging and intellectually stimulating.

As such, I cannot honestly give a creative work the blanket stamp of approval, knowing that one of my loyal and loving readers may take my "good" at face value and dive right into it.

So, from this point on, when I recommend any work of art or entertainment, please remember to take my recommendation with a grain of salt, and examine the facts and your own conscience before engaging the culture in this manner.

I know I probably don't need to go into all of this, and that you all are more spiritually mature than this statement would indicate. However, I hope you'll indulge my need to cover all bases and avoid any negative effects of my words.

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