Sunday, November 30, 2003

And the beat goes on... and the beat goes on...

Bloggy bloggy dee. Bloggy, bloggy daa.

Five hours since my last post. I'm going nutsy in here, i tell ya.

I'm not even halfway through my list of stuff to finish. At this rate (and I only checked email once in the meantime), I would probably finish my list at around 3:30 this morning. Dave don't dig all-nighters. Not anymore. "I jus' can't do it, cap'n. I cannoh ge' the power."

As it stands, I have five protocols that I haven't touched. Out of twelve. I'm not doing so hot.

I could lie to myself, and say that if I go home now, and get a "good night's sleep", I can come to work bright and early tomorrow and "crank out" the leftovers in record time, and still be "fully rested" for the day ahead. I've tried this before. Which is part of the reason why I got fired from my first job--trying this too much, and not coming through with the anticipated results. The phrase "grading papers" still makes me shudder.

So here we are. Dave, doing his typical Dave dance (though unlike all the times before, Dave has really been trying to keep up with everything all along, and this latest back-up is an unfortunate intersection of several uncontrollable events), has a choice to make. Does he--a)do the usual thing, and pack it up earlier than he might, and *swear* by all the stars in the heavens that this time will be different; or, b)suck it up, swig some Coke, and press onward?

Well, kids, in the words of the Christian pop-punk song whose creator's name suddenly escapes me--I'm pressing on.

Don't expect a victory post later on. Victory is hoping too much. I'm looking for a "Rocky" type of ending. Just gotta make it through Round 15.

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