Monday, November 24, 2003

And the point of that was...

I'm not sure. It was an interesting post to be sure, as far as my writing it.

I've been reading a lot of blogs where people drop a half dozen names in each post about what they and their friends did, who they met, and what a wonderful wonderful time they had together, as a group. I wanted to try my hand at it, even if it's all bs. So I started out with that first paragraph, planning to recount an evening of meeting interesting girls at bars and dancing and goofing around Houston.

But instead of forcing the narrative, I let it roll out. And instead of being a terribly interesting account of new faces, intrigue, and possibly romance, it became more and more like my actual life. Two friends. One flaking out and not calling. Going home bored and lonely, and nothing much happens.

These are not actual friends, I must insist. Buck and Will are fake. I got the name Will from a character in the book i'm reading. Another character is named Hand, but I changed it to Buck, which is still an obvious nickname. Because really, who names their child Buck?

So yes, this narrative, which i meant to be an adventurous and exciting account, began to imitate life.

And that amuses me, I guess.

For the record, there really is an Angelika Cafe/Movie Theater in Houston (one of three, the others being in Dallas and NYC), they do indeed have a Russia House coffee (though I've never had it, as I don't really drink), and they are (or, at least, were) showing those three movies. I think they may have six screens though. Check your local listings, i suppose. The cafe menu does include bruschetta and chicken quesadillas, at exorbitant prices. You'd have to be a doctor, I think.

What does one learn from this exercise? That Dave's imagination has atrophied. Or that his subconscious won this round. It's the judges' decision.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner, and still mentalweight champion, is Dave's subconscious."

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