Monday, September 29, 2003

"There's a kiss at the end of the rainbow..."

"...More precious than a pot of gold."

A Mighty Wind is such a great movie. And, what moving song lyrics! Just kidding.

Good stuff, go rent it.

Or buy it, and just trust that you will feel justified.

But not like the Timberlake album.

That one should be called, "Nastified."

He was on tour with Christina Aguilera. Her album should be called "I'm a Dirty Ho."

Unlike Mariah Carey, whose last album should have been called "I'm a Washed Up Dirty Ho."

What were we talking about?

Or were we talking?

I'm done rambling now. Thanks for stopping by.

I can almost guarantee that I'll actually have something to say next time.

But until then, keep your feet in your shoes and keep reaching for the exit.


My doctor changed my dose this week.

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