Monday, September 22, 2003

"Here am I sitting on my tin can, far above the moon... Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do..."

It's a David Bowie day. By the way, his new disc came out last week. I haven't had a chance to check it out, but I'd like to.

Also, Dave Matthews' solo project debuts tomorrow. The first single, "Gravedigger", is my favorite song on the radio.

"A Mighty Wind" comes to video tomorrow. Go rent it, and laugh hysterically. Or not.


So here I am. Five fifteen ("train overdue, angels have gone"), Monday afternoon. I've been here a week, at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center ("We're Making Cancer History.") I'm really glad to be here. I'm just starting to get into actual work. Ah, the joys of constant copyediting. Thank God I will have creative writing to look forward to each evening.

Personnel report: My new boss is rad. His name is Kristopher, and he and I have been trading movie and musical references all day.


Pray for my grandfather. He's going to the hospital in a few weeks to get what is apparently a cancerous sore removed from his neck. Not his first time to have cancerous tissue. My dad is worrying. So am I.


Oh, so hey, I'm going to try being totally moved into my new apartment by the end of the week. It will be tough, but I think it can be done. Dad and I moved the couch in last night. Thanks to the major scratches on the door, I can kiss my deposit goodbye, but that's okay.

I'm about to head home and take another load o'junk over.

Will, I'm picking the Pens and Wild for the Cup this year. Why? I don't know. Gut instinct.

As for other hockey news. The Calder Cup champion Houston Aeros begin their AHL title defense on October 24th. I'm psyched.

Wait a minute. October 24th... that's just ten days after...something. Hmmm.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to tell two people how rad they are.

Manders, you are the coolest Asian in the history of the continent. I defy history to find your better.

Kara (my diva), you are priceless beyond words, and I miss seeing you all the time.

Okay, show's over, nothing to see here, move along people.

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