Thursday, September 04, 2003

A Quick Recap for anyone who darted out to the loo in the third act...

After leaving work at one p.m. on friday, and leaving Houston after two (thank God), I clawed and scratched my merry way through five hundred miles of holiday traffic, car accidents, and ridiculous amounts of construction, to walk up to Dorland Theatre as everyone was walking out, teary-eyed. I'm sure I would have loved the show. In fact, I think I remembered telling someone that I did love the show, that it was one of the best I've seen lately. Oh, yeah, that was Bree.

But I made it in time to be with friends all weekend. And that was what I really needed.

Thanks to all who cared enough to sit with me and drink coffee (and other things), and ask about my life. I love you all.

Thanks to the Zetas for letting me crash Packer's bachelor party dinner. Matt, wear the t-shirt in good health, my friend. Two days from right now, eh? You dog, you.

Thanks to the Cains, who were most gracious. "Da-ddy, Pep-per so-rry!!!"

Thanks to Whitney, who throws a great party, especially one full of strangers. I owe you a round of Blue Whitney's, next time I'm local.

Thanks and love to Kara, my diva, who blesses my heart with her presence.

Thanks and love to all friends from out of town who I got to see. One in particular, I'll mention in detail, shortly.

And for all of you not there, who are scratching your collective heads at this point (hey--wasn't that a band? nevermind...), believe me when I say that it was one of the best trips up there I've had in a while. Definitely in the last ten months or so.

All that said, I have returned to Houston (not sure how I feel about that, exactly), and am back at work.

I'm flying quasi-solo this week at the job. My immediate supervisor (and constant help) Patrick is on vacation, so I'm having to handle most of the workload on my own. Surprisingly, I've managed to keep up with most of it. Today was kind of rough, but hopefully tomorrow may be better.

Wait, tomorrow WILL be better, but for a different reason.


I have another interview with the hospital. After a few emails and the required writing-sample-in-lieu-of-grammar-test as proof of skill, I am now going in for yet another interview. My prospects look really good. I'm very excited, and sort of nervous.

I'm ready to reach Canaan, basically. I'm standing in the shallows of the Jordan, and I'm ready.

So that's very exciting.

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