Thursday, September 04, 2003

"Keely, I'm not that man anymore. I've changed, Keely..."

You know, if I had to choose groomsmen for my wedding (yes, I've thought about this), one of them would be Michael Clack.

Okay, so that was an awkward introduction, but I got to spend some time with Clack on Friday, and it reminded me how much I love the guy, so I figured he certainly deserved a post.

And here we are. The Clack post. The title is a line from his most controversial role on-stage, where he played a "reformed" abusive husband/rapist. Pretty radical, considering how completely unlike that Clack is.

A friend once described Clack as "a younger version of Jack Lemmon from The Apartment. Which is a pretty close physical description. He has the same boyish face, and mischeivous grin. Always smiling, or pretending to frown, and furrowing his brow. Funny kid.

I just wanted to give you a visual. This is the coolest kat I know, married to a really amazing woman named Kelli. They live in the faraway kingdom of Chicagoland, and I miss them terribly when I can't see them. That's why it was so cool to spend all of twenty minutes with them.

Okay, the reason I'm writing this is not out of some random burst of affection and friendship. Mike will read this sometime soon, and I want him to come back to this page, so I figure this way, after such a loving and generous namedrop, he and Kelli will become a regular part of the "Anything to Disrupt the Tedium/Perfect Blue Buildings" family.

Please stay. I'll mention you more.


Did I forget to add that they are marvelous actors with a wealth of theatrical experience, including show-stopping performances in Tartuffe, which I saw four times just because of them?

All true. I promise.

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