Monday, September 12, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (9/11-9/17)

10. 71-72. Winners of 8 of the last 10. 5.5 games back of the Wild Card lead. Could they be making a Wild Card run? More importantly, should I allow myself to hope? (Short answer: No.)
9. This Friday is Rock-n-Bowl with the SunSco class. I shouldn't be THIS excited.
8. At the festival, I was amused by how every girl there dressed like the Olsen twins. So I tried to get Will to play my new, fun, snarky game, "Middle school, or Poor Fashion Choice?" but he said that Jesus probably wouldn't like that. Which made me feel guilty. Stupid guilt.
7. A tee-shirt for the band The Swift had a silhouette of a boy with a sombrero atop a moose and the words "!El Swift-o!." This still makes me smile.
6. "Mana, mana..."
5. As predictable and cheesy as it was, I really enjoyed "Must Love Dogs." It's good to see Cusack working.
4. The dating book was actually pretty good. I'll post a review this week.
3. I had forgotten how much I really enjoy the Supertones. In the words of the great sages and philosophers, Cinderella, "you don't know what you got till it's gone."
2. Willam is super cool. Every time I hang out with him, I walk away praising God for his friendship.
1. Be a neighbor.

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