Monday, September 12, 2005

Cleaning out the Junk Drawer

[[opening music: "perseverance of the saints"--supertones]

Various and sundry:

Houston-based readers should check out the Food Bank and VolunteerHouston for service opportunities in town.

Here's a Relevant article about labelling books "Christian" or "non-Christian."

A Slate article about one of my (sentimental) favorite authors of all time.

Another Slate article, this time about the life of a freelance writer.

Joe Carter writes about blogging and the 5/150 Principle of reaching an audience.

Another great way to help those outside of this country who are still in need--the Blood:Water Mission.

...I thought I had more than that. Oh well. Posting resumes later.

[ending song: "tonight"--supertones]

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