Thursday, September 01, 2005

Do Not Be Overcome

Chaos. Not in the faraway lands of desert patriarchs, or the steamy jungles ruled by accented druglords. Chaos in a city and state known for jazz and gumbo, riverboats and southern hospitality.

Chaos in this country. Our shining citadel of fresh-scrubbed faces and promised opportunity.

Chaos in this century, when technology is so advanced that my seven-year-old sister has a entertainment center in her bedroom, when our news coverage is up-to-the-second, and it seems like almost everyone has a cell phone with a camera on it.

Chaos. Abaddon. Destruction. The shadow of four gaunt horses, trampling.

There was another, much larger turmoil less than a year ago. It was sad--but not palpable. It was tragedy "out there." Not tragedy here.

Now we have it here. Maybe not to the same degree, but still shocking, still frightening.

We have mourned it. We are still mourning. But mourning is not enough.

Now we must face it.

Do not be overcome.

Give. Donate. Volunteer.

Do not be overcome.

Pray. For those who've escaped, for those still trapped, and for the families of the victims.

Pray also for the safety of rescuers, of volunteers, of those defying chaos to protect the weak.

Do not be overcome by evil.

But do something. Be active hands. Be sheep, not goats.

Overcome evil with good.

[If you wish to give money, I recommend WorldVision or the SBC Disaster Relief Fund.]

[More links to charities.]

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