Tuesday, August 30, 2005

to the girl in the cubicle about to buckle under the pressures of her hostile work environment.

there will come a day
when these light and momentary
troubles will fade into a
misty montage long forgotten,
and you'll look back on
this really-really bad day
and realize that you are stronger
now than you were
before it happened.
i know, it sounds too good
or too stupid to be true,
but it's happened to me, i'm
another satisfied customer,
and not just the president of "hope,"
but also a client.
so be strong, be firmly grounded in the
fact that it could be worse and isn't,
that you are blessed with people who
care about you, and that in just a few
short days, the love of your life will
come winging back to your
waiting, expectant arms.

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