Monday, August 01, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (7/31-8/6)

10. 53-52. But Nomar and Wood will be back on Friday, reportedly. Bring on the fall.
9. My favorite ballplayer of all time--my sports hero, growing up--was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this weekend.
8. My best friend and his wife are moving away today. This makes me very sad. But it was cool to see him on Saturday.
7. Cubs Nation was good. Yancey's "Grace" book was great. I have high hopes for Percy's "The Moviegoer."
6. "Sky High" was a pretty good flick, believe it or not. And the Wonka movie was awesome (especially on the IMAX screen). Fun stuff.
5. Smallville premieres in less than two months.
4. I like orange juice.
3. Three words: Texans training camp.
2. Plans for the weekend? Hamlet, and the Ledesma invasion. (Just kidding.) Plans for the week leading up to Saturday? Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
1. I love being a SunSco teacher. Just love it.

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