Tuesday, August 30, 2005


TV commentary. Shallow and unimportant, in light of recent events. But that's me, Mister Shallow.

--My favorite episode of "House" is being re-run tonight at 8 p.m. CST on Fox. I won't be able to watch it, sadly, because I'll be spending time hanging out with my soon-to-be-moving-to-Florida friend from high school. So do me a flavor, and watch it for me, and we can talk about it tomorrow. (If you're unfamiliar with the show, go here and poke around for a bit.)

--Mock if you must, but I've been enjoying Rockstar:INXS. It's very entertaining. And though I think Marty Casey should win, Mig will probably win. It's on tonight at 9 p.m. CST on CBS.

--They just ended the show "Brat Camp" a few weeks ago. I found myself caught up in this show, due to its unusual concept. Nine teens considered "at-risk" (an understatement for some of them) are sent against their will to a survival-training/group-therapy camp for troubled kids, in the California desert. They are kept there for over 40 days and told that they will not be allowed to return until the camp counselors, all specially trained in counselling such kids, decide they are ready to make serious changes in their lives at home. You have violent kids, manipulative kids, drug addicts, runaways, and other "loners." But as the show progressed week after week, and you start prying under the surface, there was a different story. One camper was sexually assaulted when she was younger. Another has dyslexia that has never been adequately addressed. Several came from broken homes, or had one or both parents die. All were reacting to the negative circumstances of their world in an equally negative fashion.

What the show ultimately stressed, was that each person must face their circumstances head on, own them, and move on. Each person must take responsibility for their own choices, and each one can decide how to respond. It was refreshing to see such a message so clearly portrayed on TV.

Ultimately, two of the nine fell back into their old ways. One was arrested, and the other is facing trial. But they knew the choice they had to make, and they must now own up to the consequences. A sad but unavoidable fact of life.

--Talking with Ginge today reminded me how much i miss the show "Ed." I haven't mentioned it in a while, so here's a link to the best "Ed" fansite on the internet.

--Who has two thumbs and is eagerly anticipating the return of Smallville? This guy.

--Who needs to watch less TV this fall? Um, yeah, still this guy. Just Gilmores, House, and Smallville. That's it, I SWEAR.

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