Monday, August 08, 2005

PBB Cool Ten (8/7-8/13)

10. 54-57, and fourth freakin place behind the Cards, 'Stros, and monster-truckin Brewers. I hate that I love baseball, because baseball loves to hate me.
9. "The Moviegoer" is pretty good so far.
8. The Tommy Lee Jones comedy "Man of the House"--really funny, actually.
7. Hopefully getting a tooth pulled next week. Believe me, this is a cool thing. In the meantime, painkillers are my friends.
6. Ever had Mongolian barbecue? Mmmm, boy.
5. Going up to Austin this weekend. Should be a good time.
4. We're actually getting visitors to come back to SunSco week after week! This is good.
3. Going with my dad to see a special sneak preview screening of "Red Eye."
2. I've got a Willam and Kim in my house! That's fun. "MST3k and Playstation Hockey for everyone!"
1. Two SunSco friends are getting married this Saturday. This means I will once again be donning an uncomfortable and ill-fitting tuxedo for an outdoor ceremony. But it's worth it. They're good kids.

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