Wednesday, August 20, 2008

With Apologies to Bobby, and By Request:

Post, she said, you haven't said a lot this week
Videos and linky-loves are (so-to-speak)
Fillers and not content, as you know.
I wanna read something from your soul.
I don't feel like talkin', that's the truth,
But here's a blog post now, kinsey ruth.

The fact is, all the things I feel I cannot tell,
Because a man must learn when not to oversell
All his artist's sensitivities;
It's better to be full of mysteries.
I try to be attractive yet aloof
But here's a blog post now, kinsey ruth.

I just can't decide what this blog's 'sposed to be:
For pop culture comments or a diary.
Some days my poor heart wants to be heard,
Others, I write like a sci-fi nerd.
Yes, I am confused, this page is proof,
But here's a blog post now, kinsey ruth.

Maybe I should just enjoy your company
And not worry 'bout a blog identity.
I'll write when I want to let you in,
And then refrain, to shut you out again.
You can't trust me, my name is John Wilkes Booth--
Just kidding, here's a post now, kinsey ruth.

[a point of reference, if needed]

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