Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"Surf dudes with attitudes/Kinda groovin, laid back moves..."

I know it's not the end of April, but I wanted to post this moment of admitted lameness.

For you children of the 80's/early-90's, here's the theme to the show "California Dreams."

Synopsis for those who don't remember: It's a sitcom that came on after "Saved By the Bell" about a group of friends who live in CA and form a band. Typical sitcom-y hijinks. Followed the "Partridge Family" format of 1-2 musical numbers per episode. REALLY good music (for the time, anyway).

If you remember this, and feel like taking a "Saturday Morning in 1993" flashback, a bunch of the songs are on Youtube. Worth a few minutes of reminiscing.

For more stuff like this, also check out Retrojunk, which houses clips and pictures from all sorts of TV shows from the last 3 decades. BUT don't do it at work, or you'll never get anything done.

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