Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Unbelievable: Heath Ledger, dead at 28

This is just breaking across the entertainment news sites.

Ledger was found dead today by his housekeeper. Early reports say he was found with a bottle of pills.

For some reason, I feel really affected by this. I'm sorry to say I didn't respond nearly as much when I saw that Brad Renfro died a week ago. I think part of the shock is that Ledger never seemed to be in trouble. Never got into drugs or alcohol, as far as I knew. He just made good movies.

Does it seem to anyone else like this is happening a lot lately? Actors and performers dying young, or attempting suicide?

[UPDATE: Ginge brings up the point that it's not been ruled suicide, and we shouldn't speculate until we know for sure. I think she's right. Though I'm getting the feeling it was an intentional overdose, I will be relieved to be proven wrong in the next couple weeks when the toxicology reports come back. However, I still want to make the point about depression below, so I ask that you just read the rest of the post with the understanding that, in the case of Ledger, we still just don't know.]

I suppose I should get really theological, and start quoting verses. The verse about gaining the whole world and losing your soul. Stuff like that. And that would be a right and good response. I'm sure there are blogs that will do that, and that's good.

[There are other blogs who will use this to get all preachy and smug and self-righteous about "wicked Hollywood." Those people are jerks and dirtbags, and need to be smacked in the grill.]

I'm not going to get preachy or self-righteous; there's no call for it. I've known depression a little bit, and I'm not going to cast stones at anyone.

I'm just saddened by this. He had so much going for him, and so many opportunities. This is such a waste.

People probably throw around the word "tragic" too much, so that it has become too common and means little. And I know there are greater injustices and tragedies around the world; but I think it's okay to call this loss tragic in its own small way.

Listen to me, reader: if you feel hopeless, if you feel depressed, if you feel like it will be better to end it all than go on another day, don't. Email me at slackerlitgeek-at-gmail-dot-com if you need someone to talk to. Talk to God, because He does care and He does love you. Seek out friends to confide in. Just hang on a little longer, yeah?

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