Monday, January 28, 2008


Stuff I've collected over the past few weeks. Enjoy.

  • This little piece on the latest bit of government intrusion is creepy to me. What's next? Installing chips in TVs to shut them off when I've watched for too long? My thermostat is my business, pal.
  • This series of photos is incredibly moving. Anyone who disrespects the sacrifice of the troops needs to be punched in the mouth repeatedly.
  • If you're not reading Prodigal Jon, you should give him a look. In this post, he describes several inherent dangers in children's TV programming.
  • If you're into the Christian rap scene, or even if you're not, check out the music of an old school chum of mine. He's a good guy who deserves some support. Hopefully, if he ever makes it down here to the southland, I can see him perform.
  • "Lost" returns on Thursday (yay!). Catch up on the spoilers that have already been revealed during the interim, thanks to sites like Doc Arzt's blog. If you're dying for a sneak peek, here you go. Oh, and in case you need to learn anything from Lost, I've got you covered.
  • Fans of Stan Lee and Marvel Comics will appreciate this art exhibition.
  • Oh, and a crossover of Marvel and "Lost" is also a pretty cool concept.
  • Speaking of superheroes, my current favorite super-site is The Superest. The concept is that two cartoonists take turns creating "superheroes," each one being able to vanquish the previous one. They start off small, and work their way up. The drawings are great, but the comments by the artists and the readers really sell it. Definitely check this site out. Click on the "Defeated by" link above the drawing to cycle through each new challenger. Hilarious.
  • The WGA strike may be ending soon, but it has produced some interesting video and textual tributes. Check out (the PBB-delinked) Zach Braff's "Speechless" video, and don't miss Damon Lindelof's awesome post "Why We Write."
  • This is late arriving, but when you're talking about web writers, the best (in PBB's opinion) is Jeremy Huggins. Check out this piece of his from last fall about faith and music.
  • Apparently, their 525,600 minutes are just about up.
  • Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the world is ready for another X-Files movie. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go dust off my VHS episode tapes and "I want to believe" UFO poster.
  • Stephen King's got a new novel out. ...Well, obviously, I'm going to read it.
  • Office Timewaster Alert: 3D Tetris. It's rather addictive. Not quite as much as Virus 2, but still addictive.
  • If you've seen "Rambo," you're only allowed to tell me it was awesome, okay?
  • Call me crazy ("You're crazy."), but I kinda want to see "Diary of the Dead." I like zombies, whaddaya want me to say?
  • Still haven't seen "Cloverfield," but it's good to know I can make the party mix CD from the case I want to listen to it in the future.
  • Bill Clinton has a dream, too.
  • Example of a moving tribute to the late Heath Ledger: Ellen Degeneres.
  • Example of a classless and obscene response: Fred Phelps and his "flock" of blood-thirsty wool-covered wolves. I say to you in all honesty that if I were ever to meet this man in person, I'd do things I'd have to seek forgiveness for later. Few people on this planet would be able to prove my unfinished sanctification better than scum like this. This wretch tarnishes my Father's name.
  • Speaking of embarrassing "believers":

  • Lastly, something to cleanse the palate:

    Have a good week.

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