Monday, May 07, 2007

Son of "The PBB Cool Ten!"

10. 15-14. Winners of five in a row, and eight of the last nine. Second place in the division. We have a couple of series' coming up against the beatable (but feisty) Bucs and Phils, before facing the Mets, ChiSox, Padres, and Dodgers. So, being a true Cubs fan, I don't trust the recent streak, and am waiting for something to go horribly, horribly wrong.

9. Yeah, I'm totally addicted to YouTube again. This "House" music video is good, as is this video of Don Chaffer and friends on the tour bus during the "Voice" tour last year, singing "Sweet River Roll."

8. Dead Like Me is getting a TV movie treatment. Looking forward to that. In the meantime, fans will want to check this DLM YouTube vid out. (Fair warning: Like the show, the vid's dark and a little grisly.) Franz Ferdinand and reaping--somehow they just go together.

7. I don't normally go in for the whole "save our TV show" internet petition thing. But "Drive" wasn't given a fair shake, being cancelled ten days after premiering. If you like, sign up here.

6. No, I haven't gotten my Weird Al tickets yet. I've been meaning to. In the meantime, here's an article/interview. [h-t: PC]

5. Friends who are willing to give you a verbal Corleone-like "Be-a-man" smackdown? Priceless.

4. Picked up a cheap, used copy of the Kill Bill V.2 soundtrack. I've been playing "Malaguena Salarosa" loudly all weekend.

3. Spiderman 3--Contrary to popular opinion, I thought it was rather awesome. Review coming soon.

2. I finally finished "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell." Amazing novel. Can't recommend it enough. However, I was hit by some pretty heavy-duty "post-novel depression," so I rebounded with a slim little noirish detective story starring a vampire PI. Fun.

1. People are actually coming to Sunday School! The class is growing! God is so good.

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