Thursday, May 24, 2007

Peath Out.

First: Here's what's on my list of stuff to blog in the next week or two--Spiderman 3, John Maxwell, Jerry Falwell, "The Black Donnellys," and the season finales of "Lost," "Heroes," "Smallville," "24," and "How I Met Your Mother." Not to mention my upcoming Corpus Christi excursion. So that's quite a bit.

Second: I'm about to get a new work computer! Yay! Of course this means I have to clear off a good bit of my desktop! Boo!

Third: I've been collecting many links. Some I wanted to discuss, others I just wanted to share. Current circumstances have necessitated my dumping these out this afternoon for your general perusal and diversion-shopping. See below.

Fourth: Time for a little break and some relaxation in the sun. I'll be back online in about a week. Take care of yourselves. Be good.
And finally, the piece d'resistance:

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