Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Blog Game: Literary Band Bios

Kinsey inspired this fantastic little game, using the afore-mentioned Band Bio Generator.

The Game: Create a fictional band bio using artifacts from the career of a famous author or playwright. Then let the others guess the answer and post their own in the comments.

Here's an example.

Category: American playwright
Hailing from their cousin's basement in Boston, Happy Unhappy found themselves at the top of the the indie rock scene in 1970 with their debut album, Abby's No Goody, Goody. The band's latest album, Still a Dime A Dozen, merges Larry Keller's wounded lyrical stylings with experimental production to assemble a bevy of chart-topping crowd pleasers. With standout tracks like "How's the View?," don't be surprised if you find Happy Unhappy at the top of the indie rock charts and beyond.
Answer: Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman, The Crucible, All My Sons, A View From a Bridge)

Easy enough, right? Okay, I'll start it off:

Category: British author
Born in the pits of London, Ollie And the Artfuls roared onto the techno scene in 1968 with their debut album, Don't Expect Much. The band's latest album, A Far, Far Better Thing, joins Dorrit's deafening lyrics with jaw-rattling guitar solos to concoct an effort bursting at the seams with technical masterpieces. With standout tracks like "A Nickel By A Copper Field," look for Ollie And the Artfuls to be a major player in the techno landscape for years to come.

Any guesses? Take a stab at it, and leave your best ones in the comments below.

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