Friday, March 09, 2007

Thoughtful spot.

I've been blogging and reading blogs for years. I've recommended countless blogs to you readers for just as long. I've gone through phases with this blogger or that blogger as my "absolute favorites" (remember Bill Barol? me neither), and invariably they have all fallen to the wayside of my esteem and/or attention at one point or another.

But I was reminded again today that James Lileks is still the best columnist/blogger/writer on the big, wide internets. Lileks doesn't often dip into the political stuff (though he can, and well). But even his accounts of daily life are so aptly detailed; such descriptions in clumsier hands would be deadly dull. He just uses language so well.

Basically, if blogging could ever one day evolve into a pure art form and an example of the best and brightest of culture (as literature once did), then Lileks would be seen as one of its early masters. Maybe not one of the first, but surely one of the best.

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