Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This post will be a grab-bag of sorts. Think of it as a linky-love with bonus commentary.

1. In reference to the title, it made my day when one of my favorite (admittedly geeky) podcasts makes reference to something that's equally hilarious and geeky. [Fair warning: bad language in spots.] Not that it was a difficult leap to make, with Lois Lane's apparently recent investigative subject (I wish I were kidding).

2. In case you needed help telling the difference: How to tell if you're watching a bad Nicholas Cage movie. [Fair warning: more bad language.] The sad thing is, a few of the "bad" movies I recognized in the list are ones I really like. I don't know, I really tend to give Nick Cage a lot of leeway. But then again, you don't watch Nicholas Cage movies for high drama and Oscar-calibre acting. You watch them because it's friggin' Nick Cage, and motorcycles/airplanes/mysteries/Alcatraz...'s are cool.

3. I'm too lazy to sync up "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wizard of Oz." Thankfully, Rolling Stone has the highlights.

4. Funny, because it's so close to the truth. The fact is, for some folks, if this were possible, they'd be all for it. I wish that second link were satire.

5. Mennonites are moving out of Missouri, because the state is now requiring photos on all drivers' licenses. [h-t: BHT] Having your picture taken is against the Mennonites' faith, but the MO state government is pushing this for the sake of security. I can appreciate the efforts of the state, but I kinda have to side with the Mennonites on this issue. Though, I love their response. They said, "We want to respect the law, but we must follow our faith." So instead of suing the state legislators, they simply move to where they can follow their faith without having to disobey state law. I think in some small way, this is a great example of "as far as it depends upon you, live at peace with everyone." Good for them.

6. This does not bode well for "Across the Universe," the Beatles-inspired musical I've posted about before. That's too bad. That's what you get for hiring the crazy directors, though.

7. I'm not going to address the question of the proposed military pull-out of Iraq. I'm not in the mood for discussions or arguments. However, I talked to a dear friend yesterday about whether or not Islamic terrorists only attack Americans and their allies because we started something with them. Here's a list of the major terrorist attacks from 1961 to 2003. Towards the end of the list, a theme develops. The attackers are predominantly Islamic radicals. But the targets aren't just on our side.

As I said, I'm not trying to make a specific argument or push an agenda. This is just some more data to inform our understanding of who's fighting whom, and the perceived causes. Flame on.

8. Really, this photo says it all. Of course, I'm not exactly sure what "it all" is.

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