Wednesday, December 27, 2006

PBB Cool Ten (12/24-12/30)

10. Merry Christmas, Texans fans! In other news: Kiss my grits, Manning!
9. James Brown died on Christmas. PBB asks that you observe a moment of silence for his passing...then yell, "Whoaw, I feel GOOD!"
8. Former President Gerald Ford also passed away this week. PBB asks that you observe a moment of silence for his passing, followed by a brief fall down a short flight of stairs.
8b. The management here at PBB would like to apologize to anyone offended by that last joke. We agree that it was in poor taste, even if we insist on leaving it in the Cool Ten. The writers responsible for the joke have been sacked.
8c. Llamas llamas llamas llamas llamas.
8d. The management here at PBB would also like to apologize for the lame running joke referencing "Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail." The geeks responsible for this tired movie reference have also been sacked.
7. Llamas.
6. Short work weeks make me double-plus happy.
5. So do homemade cookies and leftovers. Thanks, mom!
4. Capsule movie reviews: "Invincible"--inspiring; "The Break-Up"--better than I expected; "Charlotte's Web"--terrific, humble, "some movie."
3. Is it terribly pathetic that my favorite Christmas present was "Guitar Hero II"? ...You know what? I don't care. Because the game friggin rocks. Even if the thrash metal stuff totally eats my lunch in the later levels.
2. Looking forward to the third-annual trip to Killeen to see my favorite face-rocker, his most-excellent wife, and their new baby girl. Look out, evildoers--Hrockthgar and the SLG will unite in a mighty combination of rocking and laziness that will snuff out your dastardly NYE plans! And we will drink much (root)beer. Yes indeed.
1. Christmas with family was good stuff. I love my family.

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