Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"RockStar: Supernova**" Pre-Finale Prediction Post!!!! (With Video!)

[**Apparently, they won't get to use that name anymore, thanks to a lawsuit from another band of the same name. If they pick former dinner-club-siren Dilana, maybe they can call themselves "Suppernova"?]

So here we are, friends and lovers. The finale of "RockStar: Supernova." To quote a long-overused line, "What a long, strange trip it's been."

We are down to the final four: two I expected, and two I did not. Lukas and Dilana, I called from the beginning. But I frankly figured that my dear sweet Stormy and the "Dark Horse," Ryan Star, would make it this far. However, Magni and Toby have clearly shown themselves to be worthy of the spotlight.

Rather than rehash all the drama of the past month, I will simply review last night's performance episode and make my prediction for tonight.

Last night's performance episode was a first for me, in that I enjoyed every single performance. I know, I'm shocked myself. Even Dramilana, who is the show's "villain," was good.

The show started out with the fan-favorite choice, Mr. Ryan Star, and his original track, "Back of Your Car." (Note: Mildly scandalous. FYI.) A good track, I think. I like his performance style.

Each of the four finalists performed their original again, along with a cover. Lukas was the only one who did something different with his. And the rock song actually got even better as an acoustic ballad.

The thing about Lukas is, either you love his style or you despise it. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. For some reason, it works for me.

He also did a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" that gave me a chill or two.

Dilana's version of "Roxanne" was actually pretty good, and it was a nice touch to have the other finalists as her back-up singers. (Though I'm pretty sure she flashed the camera, which kinda grossed me out.)

Magni's version of "Hush" was really good. He's a really "magnetic" performer, when he digs the material. Sometimes, he tends to disappear, performance-wise. That could be a problem for him.

Okay, I'll take back the statement earlier. I didn't love Toby's cover of "Karma Police," really because I expected more from him than I got. However, since i'm such a sucker for his original track "Throw it Away," I'll let that go.

Okay, so there you go. The final four. Who will win tonight???

Well, the way it's going down is that the bottom two vote getters last night will face off, and one will go, and then the final three will perform (I guess) and the winner will be chosen by the band.

The first to go, if he's in the bottom two, will be Magni. And it sucks. Because he's a great performer, but for some reason, the band has turned on him. They've been really critical lately, Tommy in particular. He's done, but that's okay, because he can do better. (You're gonna hear this a lot from me.)

Next to go should/will be Dilana. She's talented, sure, but she's so overdramatic and narcissistic that the band would not pick her for anything. They already have a diva playing drums. They don't need one out front. (Sadly for Dilana, she probably can't do better.)

The final two are Toby and Lukas. As I've told some of you, from that point on, it's a "push" because it all depends on what the band wants. They should pick Toby if they want someone who'll just sing what they write and make the best of it. Very laid-back, and he'll probably get them more women, because the ladies love him. On the other hand, they should pick Lukas, because as moody as he can be, he'll still push them farther stylistically, and will keep their material fresh--something they desperately need.

(It's like the J.D./Marty showdown last year. What INXS needed was someone to sing their back catalogue well, not come up with a bunch of new material. Marty was much more creative that J.D., but J.D. sang INXS well. Thus, J.D. won.)

The fact is, the music that's been released so far from the new Supernova album, pretty much sucks. It's not going to be pretty. So, most of the final six or seven performers on the show can really do better on their own than with SN's weak material. Ryan and Storm and Patrice will all go on to better gigs with their own bands and music. If Lukas loses, he'll go back to Rise Electric, and they'll get a boost in popularity due to the exposure. Same thing with Toby and Juke Kartel.

But this is the gig they're fighting for, so whatever.

Final champion? I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Lukas, even though Toby has just as much of a shot. The band has been slobbering all over Lukas for the past two weeks.

That's all, folks. Make sure to buy stock in sparkly eyeliner, because I have a feeling future sales are going to go through the roof.

The finale's at 7 p.m. CST on the CBS station near you. Check it out.

Rock horns up. [\m/]

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