Monday, September 18, 2006

Dislodging the Blogjam

I figure, this week, I'll try my hand at posting some substantive stuff. Things cooking in the ol' noggin. Or at least, writing something longer than three paragraphs that doesn't have graphics, bullet points, links, or 37 YouTube videos.

So maybe "substantive" is a more subjective term?

At any rate, you'll get less pop culture, and a little more Dave this week. No linky love or "on-notice" board or other goofy stuff. (Okay, I may still do a Filmstrip, but a very "serious" filmstrip of some kind.) Hopefully I can catch up on some subjects that I've been neglecting. That would be cool.

So, there's that. Much to do this morning, but look for something hopefully in the mid-afternoon.

Back to work, you monkeys.

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