Monday, December 19, 2005

You know what I miss?

"The PBB Cool Ten (12/18-12/24)"!!!

10. Wait a minute--the Texans won?!?
9. The Aeros are tied for the second-best point total in the AHL, and are still leading the division. Boo-yah!
8. I'm looking forward to taking the "Financial Peace University" seminar next month. If you've got money woes, Dave Ramsey is a good guy to listen to.
7. Watched Kronk's New Groove. Not nearly as good as The Emperor's New Groove (one of the top five Disney films EVER), but certainly chuckle-worthy, if you like the first one.
6. I don't have to teach Sunday School for two weeks. I was embarrassed to admit it (until I found out that the other teachers felt the same way), but thank the Lord, because I need a bit of a break. Time to recharge, and prepare for a new lesson series. Ideas?
5. Reading Cash. Good stuff, thusfar.
4. I like Hugh Hewitt. Solid.
3. I'm gonna be hanging with the Couri's in less than two weeks!
2. Off work Friday--certainly looking forward to that.
1. Immanuel.

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